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The Ray of Hope Project, a youth-run organization which facilitates weekly Maths and English classes at Gamodubu Childcare Trust, recently got to know Sara Hughes-Noble of Smartchalk Consulting in an effort to improve our teaching program.
Given that we’ve had little guidance in drafting and implementing a sustainable teaching scheme, Mrs Hughes-Noble led a workshop for us in April in which she explained the fundamentals of early childhood development, and showed us fun and engaging academic activities. She also met up with us in May to fully explain how we can practically go about teaching the kids of Gamodubu Childcare Trust through a system of ‘rotations’. Our team was enlightened, realizing the importance of structuring our teaching plan so as to ensure that our sessions with the kids are as effective and productive as possible. More than that, she also held a Setswana class with our team in June in order to mitigate a long-standing language barrier between the volunteers (most of whom speak little to no Setswana) and the kids of Gamodubu. Not only will this help us impart the material more effectively, but we now have an opportunity to improve our rapport with the kids.
All things considered, Mrs Hughes-Noble has done a phenomenal job in giving our team guidance, having provided us with the foundations for our future success. Thank you, Sara!

-Craig Nondo Vice Chairperson of the Ray of Hope Project

My story

The Director of the company and Chief Executive Officer of Smart Chalk Consulting. She is a permanent resident of Botswana.
Sara is a teacher by profession with ten(10) years primary school teaching experience including having various roles of leadership during her career. As a certified teacher trainer, Sara is responsible for the daily running and co-ordination of the company.


She is also the Managing Director of Re A Bua Setswana Academy, which provides conversational Setswana lessons and tuition for adults and children, thereby promoting Botswana’s culture.


Sara has a wide range of experience in education, with increased exposure to business management. She is passionate about improving the quality of education primary students receive to provide the best opportunities for increased student achievement.

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